Candice Bogare  Artist    

Get the spark and make it eternel 
   Saisir l'etincelle et la rendre eternelle 


Born in Paris  Candice starts dancing as soon as five years old. Then  she became dancer and actress and work in Paris , Japan and Usa.

Discovering , learning and exchanging are the fondation of her art . 

It s an art that is  powerful and meaningful

Real artist , she has a very personnal way to create based on spontaneity and she always ready to surprise herself  and others. 


Candice studied acting,  in Los angeles where she was living . 

But Candice first of all learn about herself , about humain being , psychology and most of all life experiences. 

She directed short film , documentary and theater shows. 

Her films, shows , painting are full of colors and poetry but still so real . 

They are all rhythm , movement, intensity.  

She put on light human experiences, intense emotions , discovery of the self as well as an esthetical research.

Her way : Beauty ,  Truth , Passion and ENERGY  "   

Modern' ART  


It is like  a music...

It is like a dance...

It s life and its beauty 

My paintings communicate my truth, they give me energy, joy, and the freedom to be myself.

Inspired from the great city of New York...the city makes you feel free...makes you feel like you want to full of life!

My painting is a style of painting in which paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed and/or smeared on to the canvas, rather than being carefully applied.  The resulting work often emphasizes the physical act of painting itself as an essential aspect of the finished work or concern of its artist.

 I am an autodidact.  I started painting from what seemed like a need...a burning express my vision .  I was surprised because I have never been interested in painting before.  I bought canvas and colours and act .  I felt such joy to see the colours intermingling...creating energy.

I love to work spontaneously.  I am searching for emotion...for the "first take."   

I love to be surprised...never to really know what my creation will bring.  It's a surprise for me and for my audience. it is an  expression of great freedom.

I hope my work makes you feel more alive, more aware, more awake...